This is a list of the rulers of the ancient elvish realm of Vael'Aser.

Queens of Vael'AserEdit

Queen Crowned Death Notes
Vendémiaire 11th, 10,000 B.E Brumaire 23rd, 9,600 B.EFirst queen of Vael'Aser. She was famed for her beauty across the region. She created the Collegium to choose her succesor.
Máiréad Frimaire 11th, 9,600 B.E Pluviôse 23rd, 9,200 B.EMember of the Doneraile clan, which was part of the 100 noble families that have a seat in the senate.
Ventôse 21st, 9,200 B.E Vendémiaire 23rd, 9,000 B.EFamous for defeating 7 of the Demonic Lords, and also being able to battle against the Dragon God of the Yellow Door.
Tara Prairial 1st,

9,000 B.E

Floréal 13th,

8,600 B.E

Led an invasion against the Demons which ended with a treaty to let her rule part of their land and was seen as an effective leader across the realm.
DeirdreThermidor 1st, 8,600 B.E Fructidor 10th,

8,000 B.E

During her reign, she put down multiple rebellions and took measures to secure the kingdom, building many castles and mottes. She also ordered the first major census of the Empire.
Aedamnair Brumaire 21st, 8,000 B.E Frimaire 16th, 6,800 B.EThe longest rule in imperial history. The empire made up one quarter of the earth's land until human invasion. Her strict standards of personal morality came to define the era.
BláthínThermidor 1st, 6,800 B.E Fructidor 4th, 6,000 B.EShe was known as "Longshanks" for his unusual height and for the brutality of her campaigns through the Demians land.
Biddy  Prairial 1st,

6,000 B.E

Floréal 15th,

5,500 B.E

She reestablished the authority of the crown in the wake of her predecessor's ineffective leadership and is credited with solidifying the authority of the Senate.
Faoiltiama Thermidor 21st, 5,500 B.E Pluviôse 21st,

4,800 B.E

She become an absolutely fearsome queen with a vision to expand her empire continuously, which stretched across the south part of the continent.
Messidor 21st, 4,800 B.E Pluviôse 21st,

3,800 B.E

She had forbidden the worship of many gods in favor of worshiping one, her own self. This shift from polytheism to monotheism threw ancient society into chaos. 
Vendémiaire 23th, 3,800 B.E Ventôse 21st, 2,500 B.EHer administration restored the old religious beliefs. She also began the a long process of restoring the sacred shrines of the Collegium, initiated several building projects.
Vendémiaire 10th, 2,500 B.E Thermidor 14th, 2,000 B.EShe was an authoritarian who believed in the divine right of Queens and desired to govern her territories according to her own rules and regulations.  
Nivôse 11th, 2,000 B.E Pluviôse 21th, 1,500 B.EShe had no regard for the views and opinions of the Senate who began to loathe her for her autocracy and dictatorship.
Floréal 6th,

1,500 B.E

Thermidor 11th, 1,000 B.EShe was known during and after her reign for her benevolent, compassionate, and docile nature.
EibhlinFrimaire 5th, 1,000 B.E Germinal 9th,

187 A.E

She was more learned than her predecessors, and was a patron of advancements in science, agriculture and technology.
NualiaNivôse 1th,

187 A.E

DeposedShe was a particularly uneventful queen. She was not incompetent, nor was she tyrannical, but she simply maintained the status quo. She was dethroned and exiled.
Pluviôse 21th,

487 A.E

-She was a lesser Aristocrat, meaning that she has no formal training in the ways of leadership. As a result, she relies heavily on the aristocracy's advice in making most decisions.