This is a list of the rulers of the ancient human realm of Weißerberg.

Emperors of WeißerbergEdit

Emperor Birth Death Notes
March 11th, 10 January 23rd, 60Son of Fulk Longsword. His first wife was Angela von Melk, and among his many others were Adhelaide von Juncker, Louise von Emreis and Anna Felderen.
Joachim II
February 11th, 25 January 23rd, 80Son of Joachim I the Older. He had 25 wives and 60 children, increasing the royal family size considerably like his father
Ludwig I
August 21st, 45 March 23rd, 120Son of Joachim II the Younger. He founded the Imperial capital of Weißerberg and the expansionist wars against the other races.
Wilhem I
November 1st, 70 December 13th, 150Son of Ludwig I the Bold. He was infatuated with wood elves after being raped by one during a hunt. He started the imperial capital construction.
Ludwig II
November 1st, 90 June 10th, 180Son of Wilhem I the Elf lover. He was sexually abused by his mother in his childhood and conceived the great bastards as a result. He destroyed two Demian raid army and advanced towards the Polaini.
Joachim III
January 21st, 115 May 16th, 200Son of Ludwig II the Leecher. His increased sexual drive motivated by his elven blood made him rape his brothers and sisters with whom he fathered many children. Incest was widely accepted that but preferently avoided. Reduced the Wood Elves and the Beast-men race to slavery.
Wilhem II
February 1st, 140 July 4th, 230Son of Joachim III the Stern and his sister. He ended the martyrdom of the wood elves and Beastmen, a famous xenophile that reformed the current political system and ended with centuries of slavery.
Joachim IV
May 1st, 180 October 15th, 260Son of Wilhem II the Lawgiver and a wood elf lady. He expanded the frontiers of his realm, eliminated the powers of the nobility converting them into ceremonial figures and had many wives and children following the tradition. He also was the one of the selected group of monarchs with pointed ears.
Ludwig III
March 21st, 220 Septembre 21st, 300Son of Joachim IV the Noble. Famous for being the first monarch that took a beast-girl as bride convinced that she could satisfy his sexual drive. He had 60 daughters and a hunting dog called Otto.
Charlotte I
January 21st, 270 November 21st, 330Eldest daughter of Ludwig III the Pious. She raped her prime minister and her ladies in waiting with an old elven magic called Unity and was known to have a cock longer than an arm. The sea walls of the Imperial capital were built during her reign. Her son Konrad built a monument in her honour.
Konrad I
August 23th, 300 December 21st, 370Son of Charlotte the Builder and a lady in waiting. He improved the standard of living of the peasants by ending with serfdom and changing the economical model with one based in manufactures. He was bisexual, although he fathered 200 children with multiple women. Most of his courtesans tried to show him their love by sucking his cock every morning and getting it inside their rear until they reach orgasm.
Konrad II
February 10th, 350 December 14th, 420Son of Konrad I the Ironhand. He wasn't consumed by lust like his ancestor on the contrary he was an schizoid whose main objective was the stability of the realm by conquering new lands. He was a fearsome warrior that managed to kill 300 enemy warriors in one day.
Joachim V
March 11th, 400 June 21th, 450Son of Konrad III the Chaste. Under his rule the Empire grew as sea power. The emperor himself often going off on long cruises - but one of them his ship never came back. It is the only emperor, who disappeared without a trace. On this topic are numerous legends, peoples of the empire still awaiting "the return of the sailor". Obviously, in vain.
Joachim VI
May 6th, 430 July 11th, 530Son of Joachim V the sailor. They called him the Elf because of his exceptional beauty, and for the great admiration he felt for the Elven culture. He increased the elven blood presence in his bloodline by a 95%. His descendents would increase that rate until the purity of blood was accomplished.
Ludwig IV
June 5th, 480 October 9th, 550Son of Joachim VI the elf. His rule of the Empire was highly aggressive, often pursuing expansionist policies similar to those of his predecessors. He was an intelligent and brilliant ruler. He chose his people well and crushed all plots against him. He was ruthless toward traitors and moved towards his goals with great determination.
Wilhem III
April 1th, 530 July 9th, 600Son of Ludwig IV the Quarrelsome. He was the emperor known for his major reforms which included plans to reorganize the army, administration, education, commerce, industry, in a word, everything. He actually managed to carry out very little of that, however he did make educational reforms.
Charlotte II
April 1th, 580 Still aliveEldest daughter of Wilhem III the white. She is the current empress of Weißerberg.