The deposed Queen of the Dark Elf empire Vael'Aser, overthrow by the Usurper Mujeri after a reign of roughly three hundred years. She is 511 years old, which would translate to early-to-mid 30's in human years, at the beginning of the main story.


Born into an Aristocratic family, with meager magical potential, Nualia was raised into a life of excess and luxury. In her youth, she had a short relationship (which lasted only roughly 30 years) with an undisclosed childhood friend, with whom she "fathered" Caldreth. When their relationship ended, the "mother" took Caldreth with her, at Nualia's protest, but she eventually submitted to the fact she would never see her daughter again.

This was not necessarily true, for Nualia actually saw Caldreth one more time - during Caldreth's trial for extremism, and her subsequent exile. If Nualia felt she would never see her daughter again before, then Caldreth's exile from Vael'Aser guaranteed they would never meet again.

At the young age of 187, she was divined into the position of queen. As part of the Aristocracy, she was raised for such eventuality, and took the position gracefully.

During her reign, she was a particularly uneventful queen. She was not incompetent, nor was she tyrannical, but she simply maintained the status quo.

Fallen Throne (Main Story)Edit

She was accused of crimes against the empire by Mujeri, which resulted in her own subsequent exile. While Nualia had no survival skills to speak of, and was not used to having to fend for herself, even in the most basic of ways such as cooking, she took her dethroning extremely personally.

She vowed that she would reclaim her throne at any cost, and her sheer dedication to this goal is what has led her to surmount incredible odds. Even the simple survival of her exile was threatened, due to the winter storms paired with her skimpy clothing.

Sexuality (minor spoilers)Edit

Not long after her exile, Nualia soon discovered that most men (and some women) of other sapient races were incredibly enamored with her beauty and her body. Combined with her natural hypersexuality being reignited by her distance from the suppression field that surrounds Vael'Aser, she quickly learned that she can use sex in trade.

While most sex she has is for some sort of gain, be it something as simple as a discount on food; something as vast as winning the allegiance of a village; or something as cataclysmic as gaining ancient power, Nualia also regularly engages in casual sex and sex for pleasure.

She is bisexual, with preference for being penetrated, and often has sex with multiple partners.

Nualia is extremely sexually submissive, and finds satisfaction in having her partner(s) take total control of her in the bedroom - a stark contrast to her time as an Aristocrat, later Queen, and during normal operations in her quest to regain her throne. She enjoys verbal humiliation, rough sex, and particularly bondage with ropes and chains.

In contrast to her BDSM tendencies, she also appreciates being adored. Her bright, yellow eyes are a common receiver of adoration, and she loves being told how beautiful her eyes are. She similarly enjoys having her breasts and butt played with, and particularly likes her nipples being sucked.

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