The Gamemaker, a person shrouded in complete mystery, is one of the most powerful entities in the world of Fallen Throne. He is responsible for the weekly Gameshow, the only occasion where he appears in public.

The Gameshow consists of captured woman being dropped off into a labyrinth-styled arena filled with monsters and traps. They are programmed by design to rape the woman as long as they can while she has to evade their attacks and escape the arena. The Gamemaker acts as the sole producer, director and commentator of the show, and if a woman is lucky enough to get to the end, also the final boss.

He has amassed extreme wealth through the production of the Gameshow due to it's extreme popularity among the population. He has used this money to gain considerable power by sometimes buying out complete monarchies and sometimes causing chaos for his own amusement.

The Gamemaker possesses virtually everything money can buy while having successfully covered himself with so much anonymity that no one even knows his full name.

Character Edit

Not much is known about his life or history, what is known about him is usually told by himself during commentary of the Gameshow, therefore all information is subjective. He seems to hate the current establishment of the monarchy, evident because of his remarks about the current rulers of the world and frequent kidnappings of famous and powerful people for the Gameshow.

He is an arrogant man, always required to be on top of things in every single aspect of life. Much more isn't known. It is rumored that his first names is Joffrey.

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